15 Instagram Accounts to Follow Right Now

This might sound a little overdramatic, but I truly believe Instagram shaped me in so many ways. And surprisingly, I believe it’s changed me for the better. According to many people, Instagram is the breeding ground of things that ruin a young girl’s self-esteem. And believe me, I understand that girls constantly looking at Instagram models, with their bodies photoshopped to unrealistic proportions, is not great. But I really don’t think that Instagram affected me that way, and I’ve had Instagram since I was in middle school. Now, to be fair I didn’t follow those accounts, I don’t care about mainstream fashion trends that much, and I definitely don’t care about makeup and things like that. But, truly, I believe there is a way for everyone to curate their feeds to not only be shown things that are neutral but that are beneficial to you and who you want to be, simply by following the right Instagram Accounts.

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Travel Accounts to follow

One of the first genres of Instagram content that began to shape who I am today is travel accounts. Now travel accounts are probably the closest I get to the world of Instagram models and the like. Travel accounts can be full of rich, young, beautiful people who travel the world looking like models and not doing much else. But most of the time, travel accounts are some of the coolest Instagram feeds made by even cooler people. I am very determined to travel extensively in my life. This fact that I manifest every day I owe entirely to travel Instagrammers and bloggers who show me that this is a thing I can actually do. They show everyone that travel is not just a far off dream only attainable for the rich. So here are four accounts that come up very regularly on my feed and have inspired me the most. 

@theblondeabroad is one of the first travel accounts I ever followed that still brings a smile to my face when she pops up in my feed. Kiki is one of those travel bloggers that could be considered a basic travel account. She posts dreamy pink and blue-tinted Instagram posts in gorgeous locations. However, she is much more than that. She is a very skilled photographer, and her drone shots are drool-worthy. She is a spokeswoman for solo female travel, leads all-women travel tours, and spent the majority of her original travels donating her time and money to worthy causes around the globe. She has also single-handedly made me yearn to visit South Africa as well as want to become a certified scuba diver.

At this point, Victoria from @followmeaway and @followmeawaytravel feels like an old friend. The accounts she and her boyfriend TJ run are such staples in my feed and especially in Instagram stories that I definitely notice if the algorithm hasn’t shown them to me in a while. @followmeaway is honestly a work of fine art and TJ deserves all the recognition for it. And @followmeawaytravel shows me gorgeous locations from places like Paris, along with lesser-seen locations like Yaroslavl Russia. Victoria is not afraid to tell it like it is when it comes to social issues, and she and her mom are Disney lovers as well, just like me.

@glographics is an account that I forget about sometimes but when I do see her pop back up I am reminded quickly why I follow her. Gloria is such an inspiration for women all over the world. She is very open about her struggle to be where she is today and is inspiring when it comes to her ability to hustle and get what she wants. She also is very funny and shares tips and advice for people who want to chase their dreams especially entrepreneurs and influencers. 

Calling Victor’s account a travel account is a bit misleading. It’s much more just an architecture account based in Hong Kong. But Victor’s photography makes me not only want to visit Hong Kong but also validates my interest in architecture photography. I love architecture photography even when there are no people in the photos, and I do not see enough of it on my feed. Especially not the pastel hues that Victor captures perfectly. He also has traveled and taken pictures in places like Spain, which was just as interesting. (PS: I also love his girlfriend @samishome)

One of the most underrated accounts I follow, Laurel’s account is one of a kind. I have had the inkling to road trip extensively around the US since Middle school, but Laurel’s journey with her dog Ella made my itch to do it increase so much more. The whole account is based on Laurel’s interviews she had with people all across the U.S. and a book she is writing about them. Her photographs are gorgeous, her writing and interview skills are incredible, and I for one cannot wait to buy her book!

fashion accounts to follow

The next group of accounts is all about plus-size or mid-size fashion. While Instagram models are seen as hurting self-esteem, plus-size and mid-size fashion accounts do wonders for mine. As a mid-size to plus-size girl myself seeing people like me who not only find the cutest clothes but rock it is incredible. They show me the cutest new clothes that I would never even consider trying, but the more I see them living their best life in them the more I want to try them out!

Okay, Alex literally feels like your super cool older cousin who is there to help you figure out how to love yourself and your wardrobe. She honestly makes every part of life interesting. I have loved watching her put together her beautiful backyard and before everyone was stuck at home, all the fun events she went to. She also has traveled to some really cool places and the way she looks at life is very inspirational. 

The next accounts on this list all fall into a similar realm of UK fashion bloggers and Instagrammers. For some reason, I have found that British girls have the market cornered on mid-size fashion influencers. Frankly, I hadn’t even heard of mid-size fashion before I saw a British YouTuber talking about it. And @styledby.chloe was not only the first real mid-size fashion account I followed, but she is continuously my favorite. I want her to be my friend, full stop. Her sense of style is very close to mine while still showing me pieces I would not consider. She’s also currently in University and pretty close to my age which is always great to see. 

Eva’s account is a relatively new find for me, and is still small, but I am so glad I found her. She just seems so happy and friendly and I’m always excited to see her Insta stories. She went to NYC back in February and I loved following along with that. Her sense of style seems attainable, her hair is iconic, and her smile is contagious. I just love her and her account deserves more attention.

One of the most easily recognizable accounts I follow Instagram, Imii’s account is honestly iconic. Her fashion sense is so fun, full of patterns, and bright colors paired with other more simple pieces which really makes me want to branch out in fashion. Along with that though, she edits almost all of her pictures with drawings and patterns that make her feed so fun to look at. She also has a master’s degree and always the cutest hair colors I’ve ever seen. So do with that information what you will. 

Okay, Francesca’s fashion sense is by far the farthest one on here from my personal fashion sense, but it is very fun. She absolutely loves pastels and fun fabrics, and I applaud her for her creativity with everything she wears. I also love her hair, both when it was in all of its gingery goodness, as well as now when it’s blonde and always paired with an adorable scrunchy or headband. All-in-all Francesca just reminds me of a plus-size barbie doll and I love her for it. 

Accounts that Make Me Smile

This last larger category of accounts which I’ve decided to call “Accounts that Make Me Smile” is really just three accounts about Disney and one account that doesn’t really fit into any boxes. I grouped them together because if I was going to talk simply about Disney accounts there would be like thirty other accounts to talk about, which seems like it should be a different post altogether. My viewing of these Disney accounts, however, has transformed into me just caring about these people for who they are not just for the Disney content they share.

Starting off with the odd one out, @madelinellong or Maddie’s account brings such an air of simple contentment. She is truly a jack of all trades when it comes to creative projects. She works on photography work, graphic design, floral arrangements, social media management, and writing. She also is involved in lots of creative hobbies like music, macrame, cooking, and so much more. She also tries to live simply and is currently trying to furnish her whole house through thrifting. Maddie really reminds me that it is possible to explore every avenue I want and that I do not have to pick a lane and stay in it to be happy and successful. 

Bridging between Maddie’s account which brings me calm contentment and the other accounts in this Disney centric section is @teamsparkle. Tisha’s account is the epitome of fun! She wears super bright fun outfits, has pink hair, and loves all things Disney. Unlike the others in this section, she lives in LA and so frequents Disneyland. This is appreciated for someone like me who really only sees content from Disney World in Florida. She also finds all the cutest places in LA that make me want to visit ASAP.

Next up in this category, is Courtney from @colormecourtney and @colormemagic. Courtney honestly has one of the brightest souls (and wardrobes) I’ve ever seen! @colormemagic is all about her love for Disney and then @colormecourtney is about colorful fashion. She has a super engaged community that participate in Disney character brackets and other super fun stuff. Courtney makes me and all of her followers break into a smile every time she posts. 

Finally is Raven who is both a fashion and Disney queen. Honestly Raven seems so sweet and fun and I would love to meet her. Besides loving Disney she also loves Animal crossing and other video games just like me and talks a lot about board games. She also went to Paris last fall and it was absolutely dreamy and life goals. She and her feed are beautiful and I’m always glad when she pops up in my feed. 

Last but certainly not least

These last two accounts definitely could have fit into other categories. However, I left them out because they have inspired me in two very different but important and impactful ways. 

First up is @josie_sanders who at first glance is a “basic” Instagram influencer, she is beautiful, her feed is gorgeous, and her outfits are on point. All of these things are true, but what makes her very special and valuable to me is that she lives in Indianapolis. I live just south of Indy and I find it very difficult to gain inspiration from my surroundings, especially because the rest of my feed is filled with awesome places around the US and the world. I live in a small town and there really aren’t a lot of “Instagram-able” locations near me. But Josie goes to places I could get to very quickly making her photos achievable for me. She also is young and is super smart about what she does online. All of these things inspire me to think outside the box and gives me representation and career inspiration from someone who feels like she has all the same tools as I do. 

Probably the most personally important person I have found on Instagram, Helene Sula is the awesome lady behind @heleneinbetween, which is my favorite account on Instagram. If it wasn’t for Helene, this blog probably wouldn’t exist. Helene is a force in the travel blogging industry and has so many tips and tricks for growing your presence online whether it be through blogs, Instagram, or even Tiktok. She feels like a friend and a guru and I love following along with her life. She, her husband, and her two dogs just moved back to Dallas from Europe last year, and while I loved her Europe content, I cannot wait to see her photos from her road trips around the U.S. I honestly love her just as a person. She’s currently writing a book, she is very relatable, and she tells it like it is about everything. 

All of these accounts are people that make my experience on Instagram great. I hope you found someone off of this list that intrigues you and you check them out. And I truly hope the way the world sees social media continues to change. Instagram has changed my life for the better, and with a little curation, it can for you too!

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